About High Speed Link

High Speed Link is a Virginia Limited Liability Company formed in 2002. Our mission is to provide customers in remote areas adequate broadband solutions.

High Speed Link can bring fast Internet access to you no matter where you live. We specialize in wireless deployments to bring customers broadband regardless of location.

We can wire your building or home’s Local Area Network (LAN) with internal wireless, wired, or a variety of different technologies to meet your company’s needs.

Part of Your Community

The men and women of High Speed Link know the Shenandoah Valley: the geography, the weather, the common software and hardware you may use and, most importantly, the people.

As members of the Valley community, we are dedicated to bringing a broadband network option to our neighbors. Our staff are experienced, hard workers who want to help the Shenandoah Valley fully explore the benefits of a fast and reliable internet connection.