What is Wireless Internet?

Wireless internet is an alternative to telco and cable based high-speed internet access. Unlike traditional xDSL and cable technologies, wireless services use NO LAND BASED cable making order to install times very SHORT (as little as a few days)!

Like xDSL and cable services, wireless service connects your computer(s) to the internet full-time (24×7) at very high speeds. The key advantage to wireless service is SPEED with connection rates up to 1.544Mbps and more!

I already have an AOL/MSN Account and don’t want to change my e-mail address.

AOL has a product called “Bring your own access”, which is about $10 per month that allows you to use the familiar AOL interface over your high-speed access line. You can elect not to use the AOL interface and check messages via the web at the AOL website as well.

MSN, as well as other ISPs may allow you to purchase a “minimal” account to continue use of their mail facilities. Most of the popular mail accounts (Hotmail, MSN, AOL, Yahoo) can be accessed anywhere via the web.

Will my service be affected when it rains/snows like my satellite sometimes does?

No, the phenomenon that is being referred to is called “rain fade”. This is a common occurrence with frequencies above 10GHz (Digital Satellite operates in the 12Ghz range). Our wireless internet services operate in the 2.4GHz and 5.7GHz range and are immune from such events.

Is it necessary for someone to come to my house or office?

Yes, our system requires equipment be installed at your home or office. It is also easier for us to tune and find the best possible signal to our transmission site.

My information is being sent over ‘airwaves’, is this safe?

This technology is also VERY difficult to intercept and decrypt without expensive equipment. It would be MUCH easier to go to the “targets” location and take the information from the computer directly than trying to grab it off the signal.

All traffic from our transmission site to your PC is transmitted with a proprietary protocol that is not easily intercepted. This adds an equivalent protection level of being wired directly into a network.

Is there a limit on how much data I can transfer per month?

No, however – Servers (ie. web, ftp, realaudio, file-sharing, etc.) are prohibited for residential customers. Customers found in violation of this policy are subject to temporary suspension of service until the server has been removed with subsequent offenses leading to service termination.

I am within your coverage area but was told I cannot get service, why?

The technology used to provide wireless service uses microwave frequencies to communicate. These frequencies require “Line of Sight” , in other words, the antenna needs to be able to “see” the transmission site to be able to communicate.

Trees, buildings, topography, and other obstructions can prevent a signal from getting to you. We are always adding sites to better service “shadowed” areas, we will retain your information and contact you when we can provide a solution.