Business Internet Access


If your business is located inside our coverage areas, you now have access to one of the fastest and most stable wireless networks in the valley. Check out the Interactive Coverage Map to see if your location is in our network! We can provide internet services across a range of connection types with the flexibility to increase your bandwidth as your company grows.


Our new flagship product MetroClass Service is now available in the Harrisonburg area around the Valleymall Region. This new service will allow your business to take advantage of high speed business level Internet without the traditionally high costs of fiber. In addition, we can provide all the equipment, training, and documentation your company will need to effectively leverage your new Internet.

Nationwide Dial-Up

Nationwide dial up is available, including five-email addresses and 10Mb of web space.

We offer accelerated dialup service using slipstream compression. The Slipstream Dial-Up Accelerator is a breakthrough in web technology. With this new system, your web pages, your images and your flash content will load faster than ever.

Our SlipStream System will also accelerate email traffic using a lossless compression which means your email will load in an instant.