Residential Internet Options

Residential: SoHo Class

This service option is available for 1 to 5 users per account. Requires a minimum one-year contract. Our most affordable option, speeds available range from 3 mbps to 25 mbps.  Please call our sales department to have them check your location for Internet Service today!

Residential: Metro Class

MetroClass is our newest product and our fastest service available to residents who demand the very best. Speeds from 5 to 25 megabits per second.  Once approved you will have the fastest, lowest latency wireless Internet available on the market today.

Matchbox realty residents

Highspeedlink provides Internet service to many Matchbox Realty apartments, if you would like to upgrade your service beyond what is offered for free, please call us today and we can guide you through the necessary paperwork to quickly and easily increase you Internet speeds up to 100 mbps.

For sales please call 540-437-0195.