Welcome to Highspeedlink

Highspeedlink offers the highest quality internet service designed for today’s business, and supported by local professionals from your community.  We specialize in reaching rural communities, to connect you to the internet no matter where you are, with speeds ranging from 2 mbps to 100 mbps.

Highspeedlink Digital Phone Service now brings the most capable and cost effective phone systems available to your business or home. This modern internet-based Hosted PBX system is feature-rich and user-friendly. Our voice and internet packages will create a unified communications system for your business that will increase productivity, enhance interaction with your customers, and improve customer satisfaction.  Our system can also be used on your desktop computer, or cell phone via compatible iPhone and Android apps.

Highspeedlink is your first choice for business and residential internet, and voice services in Northwest Virginia including: the Shenandoah Valley, and the Greenville, VA region north of Charlottesville, VA.

We Work For You

High Speed Link’s infrastructure has been designed from the ground up to provide reliability and speed.  Our Internet backbone connections are multi-homed with several Tier 1 providers on gigabit fiber.  With the best technology built into every part of our network, you can be confident that we offer the lowest latency and most reliable path available to connect your business to the world.

Aside from our excellent technology, we have the best team of employees around!  High Speed Link holds the unique title of “The Friendliest Internet Service Provider in Town”.  Our team is well-trained and dedicated to our customers’ needs. We pride ourselves on being accessible, reacting quickly to problems, and building a working relationship with our customers.  Our people are what set us apart.

With the latest technology, unmatched reliability, and world class customer service, High Speed Link has everything your business needs to stay connected in the 21st century.